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At Building Wisdom, we have always focused on providing the most complete set of business management tools at the most affordable price. Building Wisdom offers free support by phone, email, chat, or web meeting, and all requests are answered by a real person who is dedicated to your success. We don't charge you for additional users, and we don't limit the number of emails you can send. Building Wisdom also offers Quick Start packages if you would like dedicated consulting or creative help getting started. 

Building Wisdom is stable. We have been around for 14 years, and we've always been focused on you, our customer. Our culture is one of service, recognizing that we are here because you are here, and the happier you are, the happier we are. We are 100% organic, grown from people just like you.


Building Wisdom's email marketing platform has been around since the beginning. You'll find our WYSIWYG editor is easy to use and stable. Plus, we offer powerful integrated tools like automatic lead scoring and marketing automation. Customer relationship management, email marketing and eCommerce are a breeze with Building Wisdom - and are included with every account. Quickly set up segmented lists, effective autoresponders and the ability to track quality leads, all predicting who will buy from you next, so your sales team can be more efficient and productive. Every aspect of your sales and marketing will be more effective with Building Wisdom.


Building Wisdom makes it quick and easy for you to automate your marketing efforts so you can convert leads, grow sales and save time, all while saving you over 50% off of InfusionSoft's subscription price.  Our popular Account setup training, $199 for 3 dedicated hours of support, is made for businesses who want to get the most from their money.  We also have affordable QuickStart options for email, website, and creative services.

Building Wisdom includes all of the features you need for one low monthly price. In addition to email marketing, your Building Wisdom account includes complete CRM, project management, mobile marketing, event management, true website analytics, social collaboration and more.

Feature Building Wisdom Infusionsoft
Setup Fee $199 Account Set Up (includes 3 hours with Client Services team and a Success Coach) $1,999.00 non-refundable
Price (based on 10,000 contacts) $199/month $379/month
Free Trial 30 days Not Available
Monthly Emails Unlimited 50,000 included (extra cost to send more)
Users Unlimited 5 (extra cost to have more)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Included Included, but does not automatically integrate social, mobile, event attendance, survey responses, live chat or customer service ticketing
Lead / Opportunity Management and Tracking Included Included
Lead Scoring Included, scoring demographics, custom fields, and activities (email, website, forms, tickets, etc) Basic demographics and simple actions only, no decay of scores over time, users report doesn't work
Predictive Analytics Included Not Available
Realtime Alerts Included Limited
Realtime Social Collaboration Included Not Available
Email Targeting Included Basic, but user must manually set up groups (no automation, no A/B testing, no dynamic content)
Email Tracking Included Included, but no demographic filtering available
Email Templates Included Included but with limited customization
Surveys Included Not Available
Media File Sharing & Storage Included Available at an additional cost
Event Registration Included Not Available
Project Management Included Not Available
Accounting / Financials Included Not Available
Ticketing System Included Not Available
Public & Private Wiki Tools Included Not Available
Integrated Social Media Manager Included Available at an additional cost from third party integration
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with CRM Integration Basic, no alerts, cannot add tracking to external sources, and no direct CRM integration
Website / Landing Page Builder Included, also allows for personalized webpages, includes SEO tools Limited, only a few templates available, no dynamic content
Lead Capture/Web Forms Included, with auto-responders, logic, and CRM integration Limited, forms cannot respond to user input in realtime
Blogging Tools Included Not Available
CRM Workflows Included Not Available
Booking Calendar Included Not Available
Contact Research Included Not Available
Mobile Marketing

$1.50 phone number/month
1.5 cents/SMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Included SMS to opt-in with automatic email address request if not already in CRM

Not Available

Rank in independent Red Pill email marketing study #1 Did not qualify
Rank on independent website 4.9/5.0 overall score in CRM and Marketing Automation


Note: if you accidentally delete data, InfusionSoft will charge you at least $250 (up front) to restore it.  Building Wisdom not only has safeguards to prevent you from deleting your data, we don't charge you if you click the wrong button.  Hey, we're all human - we just think that a company shouldn't try to make money off its clients' mistakes!

Another "gotcha": you don't get access to InfusionSoft's sales tools and online store unless you pay their $379/month price.  With Building Wisdom, our pricing plans start at $129/month and are all-inclusive.  Their "surveys" are also not actually surveys - they're lead capture forms they try to package as surveys.  

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